Sometimes I don’t really know what to write, and then I think oh, you shouldn’t write for the sake of writing, you should write because–because you’re trying to write something. Because you’re trying to convey something. Because there’s a story you have to tell, a thought to flesh out, a destination to get to. You’re … More Writing

School’s Out

This time last year, I graduated with my Master’s degree. After twenty years of school rebellion and drudgery, I was done. Done, done, and done. In my mind, school always had a Before and an After. The Before consisted of the first 10 years of school. School was fantastic. Because I didn’t care about school. … More School’s Out

May Diaries 2022

May 15th, 2022 Summer is here! Not officially, but essentially. There’s the blistering heat and fresh lawn smell. Quintessential summery vibe. I like the way summer feels, how it’s slow and hot and lazy. We went biking this evening. Le beau fixed the bikes yesterday – mine broke back in November, and we never got … More May Diaries 2022

Rocky Road

But there were also fields, and trails, and bike paths. We showed up in the morning, when only pedestrians were allowed, so we wandered through the park until noon. Eager to avoid crowds, we detoured onto a less-traveled path and admired the mountains. … More Rocky Road

Crossing State Lines

Road trip! Road trip! The other day I counted: this would be our 7th road trip this past year. Our destination (again): the mountains. Viet coffee in one hand and PTO in the other, we spent the whole day driving, breaking, and pushing across state lines. We listened to indie vibes. Hoppy classics. We sailed through … More Crossing State Lines

Discovering Dishes

In early April, we took  (yet another) spontaneous road trip. The drive over was smooth. The weather was perfect. Sunshine and teal skies. Microsoft screensaver clouds and a cool breeze. I was our Spotify DJ, my usual responsibility. I hopped from one genre to another, trying to -catch- a vibe. On my 90’s playlist, Wannabe … More Discovering Dishes

Dreaming Reality

Dreams are interesting. And strange. A few nights ago, I dreamt of someone whom I haven’t spoken to in nearly 10 years. The dream was vivid. We were on the phone. I haven’t thought of this person in a while. We were mostly Internet friends who Facebook chatted aggressively in 2012 while ignoring each other … More Dreaming Reality

Escapril 2022

This year, I’m participating in Escapril! Since April is National Poetry Month, Escapril is a set of daily poem prompts. It’s been a minute since I’ve written prose or poetry, but I thought it’d be fun. In retrospect, April was an okay month. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t repeat it, but I also … More Escapril 2022

B&W Film

I photographed strangers, artwork, puppies, toys, store fronts, adults on small trains, humans wearing felt panda heads. It was then that I realized: there is so much whimsicalness in the world. So much strangeness and beauty. I began to shift my perception, seeing my surroundings in blacks and whites, hues and gradients, shadows and bright spots. … More B&W Film