2:04 AM


At 2 in the morning I’m never quite sure of what I’m doing anymore or what this is except that it feels a little like madness and I’m hell-bent on creating.

But it does not/will not/cannot replace the voltage I feel at 5 in the morning when I’m inching along and it suddenly dawns upon you: this fits. Collapse in tired happiness and make poetry out of it in the morning. (Hearts handing out little paper milk cartons that read MISSING.)

In the cosmic blink of an eye we will be gone; in the cosmic flutter of a lash we’ll fall in love. With definitions and coppery fingers–with catchy songs and awful hope. With deviant eyes and dreaming awake. With rain and shadows that you skip-skip-skip through because you’re too busy dreaming in hollowness.


57 thoughts on “2:04 AM

    1. Shahirah! Thank you so much, that honestly makes me so so happy. And it makes me happy to hear from you! ❤ Hope you're doing okay (oh and your travel photos to Iceland are so beautiful)


    1. Ah, Meghan!!! Reading your post made me feel so warm c: Thank you so much for the mention, and for the follow ❤ (also, your note on your cats as your models is so funny c: cats are the best)

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      1. You’re very welcome! They are the best, but I don’t know how good about being my models though. Everytime I think I have a good shot of them, they move. It’s like they sense it. Lol


  1. Alluring and beautiful; what an inspiring post to stumble across! You’ve captured that unmistakable feeling of being swept along by creativity and endless ideas… 🙂

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