I feel so happy. And I can’t tell if it’s because my bag is stuffed with books (mostly Murakami, thanks Dayana for the rec!) and Burrough’s new memoir is on my lap or because the cafe always plays great music or because caffeine is pumping through my veins.

On a random side note, I just befriended a two year old and her grandma at the library about an hour ago. We spoke only in Chinese though I can be reluctant to do so and introduced me to all the sibs and friends. I ended up reading to the lil’ bebe and wandering around the library with her, one tiny hand clasped around my (comparably) large four. I watched as she patted the books and peered around. God, I love kids.

I’m also mad excited about having a library card again. I feel wild with power, the way the Arthur crew probably felt as they rapped “having fun–isn’t hard–when you’ve got a library card!” I thought I’d limit myself to four yesterday but, drunken with card power, returned shortly after to check out some more. Can’t stop me. Can’t stop myself.

And, well, now here I am. Giddy and wild and recklessly quiet in a cozy comfy corner of the library. Will be off to the best friend’s place in a bit!

Life eez gud.


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