The World Does Not Revolve Around You

I’m starting to realize that I really like having people in my life who are aware. And by aware, I don’t mean eloquently well-versed on every single issue out there. I don’t mean ‘boasts a million heads with a bajillion views’. I mean ‘aware that there’s a world out there,’ that there are people out there, and all those people and this big ol’ world? They don’t revolve around you.

And it’s just one of those things that’s difficult to gently point out to people without sounding aggressive or insensitive. How do you say “no, it’s not all about you” without sounding unkind? Sometimes I’ll awkwardly interject it into tense WOE IS ME conversations, say something about how oh, we all have the tendency to take things personally and not everything’s always about us, etc.

It just gets aggravating to always be around this aura of perpetual victimhood. Especially when it’s only about me, me, me. Me and my issues. Me and my feelings. Me and what other people think about me, me and how others treat me. As if other people don’t have realities and experiences and suffering of their own, as if others aren’t going through hardship or difficulty. As if everything anyone does–ever–is because of you. 

I mean, I get it, when you’re angry, empathy’s the last thing you’ll be feeling; nobody breaks a bone and thinks oh god, so many people out there have it so much worse, now my leg doesn’t hurt. And introspection can be a good thing. You think about yourself, ponder a thing here or there, etc. Understand, complain, better yourself, etc.

But at some point you have to get out of the house of your head, realize that there’s a world out there and it isn’t spinning around you.


4 thoughts on “The World Does Not Revolve Around You

  1. curious•pondering August 13, 2016 / 4:28 am

    This is just what I have been needing to read.


  2. rdsv March 29, 2017 / 8:10 pm

    True to the point!


    • Lu April 5, 2017 / 10:26 pm

      Heh, thanks 🙂


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