Day 14: Home

10: like a sleepy warm embrace 9: the sound of hisses pots pans before dinner “o I just throw things together” 8: organized disarray groaning under its own weight 7: driving down winding empty roads

6: (tethered) 5: dancing, singing, stepping on my own toes 4: cardboard sign that reads FREE HUGS 3: cracking tilting falling apart but it’s not about the SHELL it’s about the PEANUT 2: happy slow light

1: and warm. very very warm

[30 Day Writing Challenge]

(Earlier I was reading Michael Mira’s (@journalofdisposablethoughts) post on how we all have to have a “home as a reference point….It could be at a railway station in Nairobi or in your wife’s loving arms.” Just something that keeps us 6: tethered–“we all need a single point in the universe to attach our roots.”)


One thought on “Day 14: Home

  1. Thank you for referencing my site. I’m glad you found something of substance in my chaotic, rambling blog.

    “Driving down winding empty roads”

    If you ever go to New Hampshire, I recommend you drive down Chocorua Mountain Highway from Portsmouth to North Conway. Bonus: Do it in the middle of Autumn.

    Last summer, I drove from Houston to New Hampshire and cruised down that highway just right after dawn. I had the windows down, music off, and I was the only motorist on the road. I swear, it was like I was driving through heaven.

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