Hi, Hello

In the spring my professor told us to write about something meaningful to us. So I waited until it was two, ’til I was sleepy and sad in rambly honesty, and wrote about how somebody had said hi to me that day. Mumbled it, mostly, but uttered it anyways. And it sounds so lame when … More Hi, Hello


inspiration | the portfolio – in progress

Thank you Connie for featuring me on your blog! ❤ PS you should all check out the portfolio – in progress, ’tis a lovely blog filled with poetry and art and photography and reflective posts i enjoy the posts Lu makes on her blog. she mixes in really thoughtful posts/questions, amusing observations on life and beautiful … More inspiration | the portfolio – in progress

Capsule Cocoon

This is my sensory capsule (warmwarmwarm in my cocoonish sensory capsule) A pile of the links/things/stuff I’ve consumed/created/engaged in in the past few days, from stories to art to episode analyses; from conversations to unsent letters to voyeuristic works: Reading: The First Wife, Lit Hub Listening to: Marsipan on the phone as we laugh and … More Capsule Cocoon

Subconscious Dialogue

A friend from high school commented on this image with a really beautiful analysis: The dimmed out face in a way feels bolder than the bolder face. Feels like it’s striking you even though it’s so subtle.  I interpreted it as someones subconscious talking to their conscious self. Really love this piece. It makes me … More Subconscious Dialogue


I miss my guitar. And I know this because when I listen to music, I’ll see it splitting, see the melodies and harmonies fracturing into individual segments, watch the notes to see where they go, one step higher, one octave lower. I’m following each instrument like a different train of thought and then feeling them … More Music