Obligatory Appreciation Post

I like blogging on WordPress because– of you. And you, and you, and you. Imagine I’m Tyra Banks and I’ve handed out little diamond-studded containers of Vaseline and I’m screaming “you get Vaseline and you get Vaseline and you get Vaseline!” Except instead of Vaseline it’s appreciation. And I appreciate you. And your eyeballs. For reading this. … More Obligatory Appreciation Post


Art as Escapism

I can hear the protests from my window. There are protests everyday. And whenever I open my mouth a little glob of despair comes tumbling out. Things are scary. Reality feels fictitious, joke-like, like aliens are creating some sad holographic reality where everything’s gone wrong. (What a disorienting liberal echo chamber) Social progress works in … More Art as Escapism


Peace-ing out. For now. Not a fan of processing things publicly, but I’ll see you soon, WordPress.