Obligatory Appreciation Post

I like blogging on WordPress because–

of you. And you, and you, and you. Imagine I’m Tyra Banks and I’ve handed out little diamond-studded containers of Vaseline and I’m screaming “you get Vaseline and you get Vaseline and you get Vaseline!”

Except instead of Vaseline it’s appreciation. And I appreciate you. And your eyeballs. For reading this.

WordPress is fun because of the community. Because I get to hear your ‘thoughts’ and word-vomit some ‘thoughts’ back. When we blog and comment it’s like we’re all sitting in a little circle and standing up to do our own tiny monologues and then offering nice feedback. Right. This is like a really encouraging theatre class.

So there’s my nugget of gratitude for you and for my favorite bloggers and, well, yeah. You know who you are. I’m really happy I joined WP this summer.


11 thoughts on “Obligatory Appreciation Post

      1. Yay! (I remember WP was more difficult to use in China, although I dunno how it works in the Philippines) Hope you’re enjoying the Philippines…stay safe Michael!


  1. Wow, is it really? I’ve always wanted to check out certain websites in China to see if they go through or not. Anyway, no, there are no authoritarian regimes controlling the internet in the Philippines…just an off-the-hinge president massacring drug dealers and addicts.

    It’s just that I’ve been very busy with family responsibilities, holiday events, and projects. I’ve been too drained to post anything coherent on WordPress.

    Anyway, talk to you soon.

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