Daily Drawing Project

Processed with Moldiv
January 1st, 2017

First painting of my project, Daily Drawing, in which I’ll draw every day for the rest of the year (hopefully). Every seven days I’ll feature that particular week’s daily drawings in a single post. Edit: Every 7 days, I’ll schedule out individual posts from the past week

What’s the purpose of the project? To, ah, improve my art, to consistently create new works, to push myself to make even when I’m lazy and doubting myself. This’ll be my new mantra:


Here’s a link to the project category.


15 thoughts on “Daily Drawing Project

    1. Same! But there’s also so much catharsis in creating art. I find that making art for myself + through intrinsic motivation, helps motivate me more than doing it for others (i.e work, money, approval) 🙂

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      1. I feel you. In 2012, all of the sudden I could draw. It just came to me. Before that, I could not draw a stick figure. My ability to hear music changed and I even started playing a musical instrument for the first time and really played well enough to be in a band. This freaked me out but gave me great joy. I have to remember the joy and let myself have it more often. Thanks for your reply.

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    1. Ooh yay! That’d be fun, I really like your work. And def, I used to try posting once a day in terms of art/photography and it’d get overwhelming. A weekly post would be more manageable.


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