March 6th, 2017: BYE, FELICIA

I wish you could break up with friends the way you do romantic partners. So instead of feeling obligated to drag on friendships long past their expiration date, you could say something like: hey, yeah, so you’ve draining and snarky and judgmental all these years. I’m not sure I like being around you, and it’d be real nice if you quit dragging me down. This isn’t working out. I’m finding kinder and stabler people to be in my life. Deuces. 

But then that’d start all sorts of shit. And ain’t nobody got time for that.


13 thoughts on “Deuces

  1. Speaking of toxic friendships, I was about to write an article on this topic. I was never much of a writer but these days I find myself wanting to vomit my feelings on paper. I wrote a break up letter to a now ex-friend who I have known for several years and mailed it to her! Yep, rather than tear it up into a million pieces and let it eat away at my soul I did something brave, for once. I may end up uploading the letter and changing her name because I was pretty damn proud of myself and want to share it with people who may be able to relate to this kind of pain.

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