So, er, don’t know if it’s meta to write about your blog on your blog, but in the past 2 days…I’ve suddenly gained hundreds of followers (?)

People are commenting on a post I’d written back in August on Writing. Not sure how it suddenly sprouted wings and flew far from my blogging terrain, but it has and, like–

Ah, I feel inexplicably tongue tied right now even though I’m typing. Guess what I mean to say is, well, hi! And thank you. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog or read some of my posts or leave thoughtful comments. I’m absolutely abysmal at responding, but I always read them and they make my heart expand ten times over. So thank you for your kindness! And thanks for the follow.

This blog’s a space for art/writing/photography, rambles, journal entries, art projects, etc. Mostly it’s a personal and creative outlet. So…. welcome to my blog!


28 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Congratulations on reaching so many followers. I’m loving your blog. Just an FYI, it was Cheri from WordPress​ who brought me here. WordPress send emails as a series called Discover, where they quote from and pinpoint blogs that might interest readers and other bloggers. Yours was received on Friday I think. I also quoted that part of your poem on my blog in turn just because it so resonated with my life right now. Congrats again and have a great weekend!

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    1. Hi Roberta! Thank you so much for this comment; afterwards, I looked up WordPress Discover and realized an old post had been featured. Which explains it all, heh–I was so confused at first.

      I’m really happy that the poem resonated with your life! Thanks for the read & comment, Roberta.

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  2. I subscribed just recently because I was inspired by the variety of your posts. I just started my own blog and hope to one day has as many followers. Check it out if you get a sec…themamaloguemiracles.com

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