Caffeinated Joy

So excited to start my writing position !!!!!!!! And my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up !!!! And Kendrick Lamar’s album (which I am currently blasting) isÂ đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„ !!!!!   Coffee makes me feel like all is right in the world. That is all.

Nihilistic Summers

I wake up to words ending in -less. Like: meaningless, aimless. It’s just another episode of Rick and Morty all over again where the aliens have taken over the world and they’re left to escape into another dimension where nothing matters, nobody chooses to live, and we all die anyways. Now come watch some TV. Starting … More Nihilistic Summers



A swarm of thoughts, a hive of nightmares. Pen and ink sketch from when I was restless in the office. I’d oft sidle my way into the Creatives room at my first internship. (Speaking of which, I got the writing position!)

Lyrics Overhead

Backwards and forwards but no direction feels true / I know i can feel you cry when I’m / High above those clouds / But I must go chase this stream of mind


It’s 1 in the morning. I feel an inexplicably wild desire to photograph the world. The closest I can get to explaining it is via a tiny purple monster inside of me that’s smashing all the imaginary cameras in my heart, bellowing on about viajar, como yo quiero tomar los fotos en un otro lugar. That sort … More Wanderlust


In class we learned the three types of gazes: the burlesque gaze, the male gaze, and the medical gaze.