January 2018 | Daily Art

Here: a roundup of all my daily art entries for the month! From cotton candy skies to landscape doodles to opinion pieces nobody asked for, this month’s pieces reflect this month’s day-to-day. I rejoined the news writing and photography team at the newspaper–I joined illustration (!) I tried wine & cheese, done properly, for the … More January 2018 | Daily Art


Life Updates

Hey, WordPress, hi. Life’s been happening. I’m pretty sure the people I know in real life don’t read this, which is kind of a relief. But it’s still the Internet, and I’m still on social media. Anyways. It’s been a while since I’ve done a live life update, maybe a few weeks. A day without … More Life Updates

Daily Art | 2018

  As I mentioned in my New Year’s post, I’ll be working on Daily Art (again) this 2018 in an effort to draw and paint more. It’ll be hard, though. Year-long projects are hard. I started back in 2017–linked here–for about two and a half months before the pieces started becoming sporadic and hasty, midnight … More Daily Art | 2018