February 2018 | Daily Art

I’ve compiled all of my daily art entries from February, a month that fled by.

For the first few days of February, I spent it at my best friend’s place, where we cheered the Eagles at the Superbowl on.

Later, we went to a club, where there was free beer and loud music and familiar faces, where people aggressively pushed and shoved for free fries. And over the weekend, we went to her little cousin’s birthday party, where the girls–gangly and tall and awkward and weird and silly and uninhibited–crowded around, then lost, the hamster.

And during the Super Bowl, we prepared dinner from scratch: buffalo wild wings, garlic bread, mac & cheese (all from scratch, too). We stayed up until 2 in the morning talking about our lives, ourselves, our friendship, our relationships, The Bachelor.

In addition to all of that, I painted, read, ate, prepared food, talked on the phone, watched the Superbowl, and relaxed. All of this was done in PJs. It felt like a proper break, like the ones they issue in school every season, a designated time frame for rest.


Collecting your jar of hearts

2.1.18| Daily Art

feb 2

Alone we traveled armed
With nothing but a shadow

We fled, far away
Hold your horses now (Sleep until the sun goes down)

Through the woods we ran
(Deep into the mountain sound)

– Of Monsters and Men

2.2.18| Daily Art

feb 3

Dotted herbal.

Halp, there are flowers sprouting from my scalp. 

2.3.18| Daily Art

feb 4

Only time and impish impatience. Scuttles around eyeing the hands of time—move faster. Sludge, drudge, space that warps—move faster. Built-in distractions, like tea, pasta, zombie—move faster. I egg on time, lament time, tickle time,  ignore time—time, you tease, move faster.

2.4.18| Daily Art

feb 5.jpg

Little Corgi pup, little Corgi ruff.

There’s just something about their big fluffy ears and low-hanging tummies and heart-shaped booties that make them so endearing, you know?

2.5.18| Daily Art

feb 7.jpg

Wrote a news article about an organization discussing Greek organizations. The interesting part was that half the room was made up sorority girls who seemed like sorority girls, to be honest, and openly criticized fraternities but defended sororities. Not all that surprising–I just didn’t expect there to be such a Greek life representative turn-out. It made for a more balanced article, I think, or at least made it easier to give a balanced perspective.

2.7.18 & 2.8| Daily Art

feb 9 10.jpg

Trope-like perfection, emanating an idea.

2.9.18 & 2.10| Daily Art


feb 11.jpg

Sometimes the sight of lines and crowds of faces buried in their phones seems satirical, like some art piece critiquing the future’s “apparent lack of human connection,” etc. Eyes glued to screens, small rectangles in our hands, community of disconnect. Such Futuristic! Satirical! Commentary! Except it isn’t. It’s just reality, and it’s now, and it isn’t satire–it’s just me changing the song on Spotify and responding to my BFFFFFFL on Messenger and posting this onto Instagram.

2.11.18| Daily Art


feb 12.jpg

The Love Issue: an illustration I did for a publication article on love unrequited.

2.12.18| Daily Art

feb 16.gif

Meme Kings, Political Duo

In the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph both Obama & Biden–political duo, meme kings, best friends, and the 44th Vice President and President of the US. 🙂

(Missin’ you both)

2.15 & 2.16.18 | Daily Art

feb 18.gif

Broken Paradoxical

Half circle with the line in-between, ON. I pressed on. Greeting Mac chords. Blank screensaver with nothing but a spinning globe. Command-R. Nothing. For the seventh time.

Earlier, at 1 in the morning, I’d reset my computer, erased all the data, unwittingly unlocked myself out of the Wifi. Then I couldn’t access anything on my computer. Couldn’t reboot, erase, or properly reset it.

It wasn’t all for naught. A few days without my laptop was…beneficial, I think. So much of my time gets sucked into the laptop, convenient and always-at-hand, that I seldom realize how much of it could be used for other activities (like reading or drawing).

In the end, I took it to the Mac store, where the Mac guy, Ian, fixed it in ten minutes. (Luckily, I’d already backed everything up!)

2.17.18 | Daily Art

feb 17.gif

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve devoured books. Found the nearest library in my neighborhood, stocked up on books, lugged them home, then read myself to near-blindness.

It’s a little different in a university setting.

“Cool, what class is this for?” the student-librarian asked.

“Oh, I was just bored.” I said, sheepish, “just being nerdy.”

And working towards my elusive goal of reading 100 Books.

2.18.18 | Daily Art

feb 19.jpg

The sun peeked out from over the clouds and the sky dolled herself up, brushed herself blue, and the wind felt sing-songy, hummed us a lil’ tune. For a day, it was warm!–it was  spring! I watched a squirrel build its tree nest.

2.19.18 | Daily Art


God Save Our Young Blood. Crooning duo, autotune melodies: this new song by Lana and BØRNS has been stuck in my head.

2.20.18 | Daily Art

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

I love being able to roam around the city by foot, by train, by bus, by plane.

2.21.18 | Daily Art

The background reminds me of one large watery bruise.

got bruises on my knees for you, got grass stains on my knees for you, got holes in my new jeans for you, got pink and black and blue

2.22.18 | Daily Art

feb 23.jpg

Prickly in pink!

2.23.18 | Daily Art

feb 24.jpgMeow. Saturday night shenanigans. It’s only our third weekend out (third? maybe fourth), the three of us, but maybe we could make a habit out of this. Dinner, then drinks, and smattering of randomness in between.

We’re talking silly random shit over cards. I’m sipping my Taro boba (this Taro, I told them, gives me life).

“You remind me of a cat,” my friend said, “just the way you act sometimes.”

My other friend chimed in in agreement.

I looked up, then did the human equivalent of purring in pleasure. I can’t tell you how flattering it is to be compared to cats.

2.24.18 | Daily Art

feb 25.jpg

Did you know that fish can become depressed? We often relegate fish to the bottom of the mood-humanity scale, chucking them as the in-between of insects and sentient creatures. But fish do have moods. And you can tell based on where, in a tank, they’re swimming.

Picture a half-mark line in a tank. If the fishies are swimming above the line, swerving in and out, and seeming active, they’re likely happy. But if they’re always hovering near the bottom of a tank, they might just be depressed.

2.25.18 | Daily Art

feb 26 and 27.jpg

Front page illustration (my first!) for a magazine.

2.26.18 & 2.27.18 | Daily Art


10 thoughts on “February 2018 | Daily Art

  1. THE ART!!! I am besotted with this piece. I love the amorphous, hazy quality of the watercolour and the more precise (and yet not totally so, which just adds even more to this piece) of the black lining. And the colours you used, too, the way they mix and complement each other is just so enchanting. Everything is just so right. This has, truly, got to be one my favourite pieces by you so far ❤


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