March 2018 | Daily Art

The start of March involved dodging snow storms, hurtling myself into the sky into luck and sunshine to the sound of cicadas in the backyard. For a week, I vowed not to check my email, so I didn’t. I vowed not to touch any assignments, which I didn’t. I vowed not to work, which I … More March 2018 | Daily Art


The Night We Met

Sometimes I’ll have moments I know I’ll remember for a long time. Years later, they’ll come as flashbacks, these fleeting connections. Before I’d never imagined how much certain people would mean to me. Then it was like something had cracked the casing around my heart like a nut and I was the Grinch with a … More The Night We Met

Symphony of Summer

  There’s the sound of cicadas, humming and dancing and singing to warmth. Throaty chirps abuzz in harmony, orchestra of din: the symphony of summer. Below the snaking branches and muttering cicadas is a small person! eyes wide and filled with wonder. Eyes wide and filled with wonder, and maybe nostalgia, too, for muggy days and buzzing … More Symphony of Summer

A Fortune, A Sign

A few nights ago we got dinner at the place downstairs, beneath my spinach green carpet and mini Whirlpool fridge that hums at 4 in the morning. I did a little of my own fortune-telling. You will have two sons, both of them gingers, because it turns out you have a recessive ginger gene. Also, … More A Fortune, A Sign