June 2018 | Daily Art

To see more works from June, you can scroll down in the box below I spy with my little eye…a disorganized art project. This week, I’ve been working with oil pastels, the adult artist’s fancier version of crayons. I stumbled upon them while cleaning out my supplies. Pastels feel childish to draw with at first–it’s … More June 2018 | Daily Art


Booksy Books

I’ve been feeling antsy, and gulping down books in an effort to squash summery mugginess. In the past two days I’ve read five books–the latter five on my list of seventy books read so far. Three books have stood out. Published in 1959, its story chronicles pre-colonial life in the south-eastern part of Nigeria and the … More Booksy Books

To Love and To Be Loved

  I’ve slipped back into life as it’s been: seeing friends, talking to my boyfriend, spending time con la familia. I hear about relationships fragmenting and forming. It’s strange how relationships, by default, are in flux. I imagine that friends in the mid-to-outer circle are changing–not so much for closer relationships. But I guess that’s … More To Love and To Be Loved