Lights Under My Eyes


two twenty. AM. 2:21. AM. Two 21. AM.
why am I so restless?
coffee. wheat thins. crumbs. caffeine. caf

–feine. feign. feigning
kindness. questions I have for

are you neurological? genetic? psychological?
physical? are you the thoughts churning through my head rapid-pace
without regard for gravity, space, time?

are you
the 100 grams of caffeine laced in my vanilla-creme 2-sugar-packed
coffee branching through my veins?

are you concern?
are you anticipation?
are you planning? are you planning something? are you so busy planning something


the irony of sleeplessness lies in the
heaviness of my lids, of my eyes–I just
thought they’d have been lighter, with everything lit up under my eyes

lit up under my eyes lit up under my
eyes crumbs all over my keyboard
cover lit up under my eyes


9 thoughts on “Lights Under My Eyes

  1. This is PERFECTLY written – I feel like these days we always have the need to even ‘write aesthetically’ in the sense that it should read well. But this – it reads REALISTICALLY, and it rings home and that’s what matters. Absolute love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hello, hello! thank you so much for this c: i get that–sometimes i feel compelled to switch out a plain word for an ‘aesthetic’ word, etc. sleepiness/insomnia doesn’t care much for that, though, lol. reminds me of a quote on how we’re all more honest late at night b/c we’re too sleepy to be anything otherwise. tangent aside, thank you for the read and comment, noor! 🙂


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