With Eyes Like Butterflies


December  10th, 2013 // 12:50:00 pm

On the car ride home I detected, from the smoky poof of our deep conversation, wispy strands of respect in your eyes.

I really like people who have kind eyes. People with kind eyes are compassionate, and compassionate people have kind eyes. And kind people are beautiful and nice to talk to, and you can see it in their eyes. -trails off into a tune due to wordy redundancy-

But people can have normal eyes. People can have snarky eyes. People can have flat eyes that hover between life and lifelessness. And people can have sly eyes or suspicious eyes or cold, hard and dull eyes.

As my art teacher once cried: “Eyes are the window to the soul. Serendipity!”

I thought it was spelled “Sarahn Dipity” and wheeled around. “Who’s that?”

Sometimes I’ll miss people for their eyes. Whenever I have little moments of peering into people’s eyes, I’ll take a small creepy note of the types of eyes they have: far set, close-set, deep-creased, light-creased, blue or black or green or tan. Search for clues of their soul window decor. Like curtains of kindness or meanness or tiredness, or sadness.

Those with kind eyes are the ones who emanate the wisps of respect. Those with unkind eyes are the ones who pretend nothing ever happened.

Perused through my old Tumblr and found this old post from 2013. I remembered the exact moment I marinated in these thoughts. Again with the winding roads and a heart full of resentment.

But less than three years later, puedo decir con confianza: all hail the force of forgiveness. They will sweep through your heart’s city and burn down houses of bitterness. For the better, ‘course, and I’m glad they did.

9 thoughts on “With Eyes Like Butterflies

  1. Eyes are so important. I ‘accidentally’ didn’t look one of my clients in the eye when I said goodbye the other week (you may ask how on earth could I accidentally not look someone in the eye? The answer is too long so just trust me on this). Their behaviour changed immediately and I couldn’t work out why till later. I am now busily trying to work out ways of apologising and letting them know it wasn’t intentional! :p+

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  2. Can I please follow you on your other platforms? 😭 I recall once you said you saw mine but I never got to see yours 😔 but if you’re not comfortable at all, and would much rather keep it low key that’s understandable too!

    Just wanted to say, as always, I LOVED your post! I loved your words! Thank you for sharing timeless treasures from years ago with us!

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    1. ‘ello! of course 🙂 which platforms do you mean? I took a peek at my post (thank you for the kind words!) and I’d mentioned tumblr, but my old blogs got deleted. :/ I’ve been on IG more lately, just for art–do you use it?

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