we found a quiet hobbit nook the other day a cozy woodish book-decked space with rich spanish lattes and oil paintings abound (and I think I feel strange because I ate something strange but regardless I think that a bit of stream of consciousness will make things better) the rain is pouring pouring pouring oh! … More Droning



we left the cold blank walls white and bland stripped of photos of colors & memories that’d be left, soon enough i was littered with anxiety, apprehension —excitement, above all of not knowing the change that was to come since then, it’s been more of a yearning for continuation as i drive through the well … More Escapril

Trip to the Bahamas

Cyan blue waters and light blue skies washed over the Bahamas. I peered out at the morning resort, saturated in the brightest blues I can imagine. “There are two types of travelers,” my friend once said. “People who want to do everything, and people who want to do nothing.” In most cases, I’m of the … More Trip to the Bahamas