Antiques & ESP


Stumbled upon an antique shop today. The space was massive and littered with countless antiques. Innumerable. I can’t even begin to list them all–porcelain dolls, Victorian doll houses, juke boxes, 70’s film cameras…. This isn’t a paper, so I won’t go needlessly in depth, but god, I was taken aback. And mesmerized. And I don’t even think I even explored every room, because when I turned around, there was another space filled with unfamiliar objects.

It was by a slightly haunted-ish coffeeshop. Slightly, because there was one unhappy individual who didn’t want me by the connected church. For a long time, I wondered who had passed away there. Who was it? Since it’s in an older part of town, I wasn’t surprised, logically, but I was uncomfortable. I generally don’t blog about this, because it’s just one of those odd, personal things, but it’s subsided, the semi…6th sense thing. The reality is that this sort of thing isn’t scary at all, though it can be, depending on the individual…

For a certain chunk of time, I’d experience clairsentience. I would occasionally sense presences–more often, I’d sense energies. And we all carry our own energies, so there’s nothing strange about that. But there were times that these energies were, ah, how do I put this, very particular? in their negative emotions, and not visible. I would leave feeling spooked. Message received: I’ll leave.

Some people believe in this sort of stuff, and lots of people don’t. As with politics and religion, I don’t feel as though it’s my responsibility to convince them otherwise. But if you’ve ever crossed paths with a bad person–someone who did not have your interests at heart, who felt off or angry or manipulative–just imagine that person, but behind you. They don’t say a word, and you can’t hear or feel them, but just as you sense the person in front of you, you can sense them behind you. And it’s just…unnerving.

As aforementioned, this type of thing has subsided. For that, I’m grateful. One of my roommates’ mothers described being able to see these energies–now that I wouldn’t be able to stand. At the same time, there’s a difference between those who are earthbound, and those who have passed. The former are often disgruntled, angry, or confused; the latter are light, distant, and caring. So it depends on who’s communicating, and what the message is.

It’s been years since I’ve encountered these situations, but I’ll be honest: it still freaks me out, even to think about.

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