Fujifilm 35mm


Every year, I get like this–obsessed with disposable cameras and film. My eyes drink up the beauty of film: the broken colors, the candied smiles, the light grain. I’m frugal, and every photo’s 66 cents, at least, compared to the freedom of shooting digital. So I cringe when a photo turns out dark or overexposed. Despite it, film has a small piece of my heart, a recurring piece, and I return to admiring it year after year. Here are some snapshots.


Full bloom in angst. Taken Spring 2017. The flowers were bursting with vitality, I with fury. Black leather jacket and jeans, the small dark Mazda. I forget if I’d gotten anything to drink before we zipped off in the car.


A repost, no doubt, from something about about cities and skyscrapers. The view from the rooftop spanned several neighborhoods. I’d sometimes meander from one side to another. Then I’d return to slouching on the soft stained couch, cyan blue laptop propped against my knees.

Sometimes I miss the city; most of the time, I don’t. I remember that people looked colder there, and I wondered if it was me. Later, on the sunny bay of California, I realized that no, that wasn’t it–it’s cultural, area-specific. We get that way when we’re constantly surrounded by humans, and it’s so, so cold.

020_06a (1)

Old school cool. I forget when this was taken, but I remember the sentiment: oh, it’s so sunny, and there’s just something about gas stations that seems so nostalgic and old.

009_17a 2


A day in the arts district. I’d stopped in the middle of the street to get a better shot of the man perched on the pole. It reminds me of a statue I saw in Austin, Texas–a small man at the top of a steely pole, staring down at the cafe-goers.


2 thoughts on “Fujifilm 35mm

  1. Fun images! I agree with you. Sometimes I think back to the days I shot film. I would send it off to be processed and then wait with anticipation until I got it back. Then I would spend hours looking my images over on a light box. I am completely glad to be shooting digital. I use the Fuji system which lets you choose film simulations which I love. However, sometimes, I think shooting film would be fun. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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    1. Aw! This comment made me really happy to read. There’s just something inherently fun/different about shooting film–yeah, it’s slow and unpredictable, but that’s part of the fun! I’ve cut out the sending-to-a-lab part and weeks of anticipation (did they lose the film? will it make it back?) by setting up an easy home lab. Takes just 30 minutes to develop at home now. And then the hours are wasted looking at images through the light box, hahaha. My photography journey is similar to yours, but reversed–I started off digital, would imitate film, and have now gone into real film. They both have their own quirks and ups and downs (film makes you appreciate the effectiveness of digital) All in all, thank you for the comment, Lane! 🙂

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