Dive Back Into Photography


I feel happy making a “DSLR” album on my computer again. I used to make these all the time, but it petered out around 2017. It’s been years since I’ve been enmeshed in photography. It used to be the type of thing I’d wear around my face as a social identity: the girl with the lens. And it frustrated me, because I wanted to wear other things on my face. But the camera slung around my neck always said otherwise.

I’m wary about connecting my social media to my blog, because this has always been a sort of disconnected outlet. So here are a few old favorites, mostly from 2014-2015 when I got my first 50mm and really got into photography.

to see the pope

IMG_9539 copy


Something tells me I won’t reach the same fervor I once was at, but it’s still nice to rediscover my interest in digital photography. I still love film, of course, and share my old photos avidly. I’ll just be bringing along one more camera when I’m on trips or outings.

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