IMG_3824We drove around the region today. By region, I mean rural-suburbia. At first, it was a search for cardboard. It evolved into aimless meandering.

We found a bunch of goats and lambs by a trail. As I walked over to them, they bleated happily and trotted towards me. We fed one of them fresh grass from outside the gate.

We passed by a hobbit-home and skated around the odd neighborhood. Pot-holes littered the ground. Evidently, each owners had purchased the plot of land, then hired a unique home developer. From the villas of Spain to the backwoods of Virginia, each house hailed from some vastly different land. But it didn’t. It was all here. On a plot of muddy, uneven land, where there were no sidewalks.

We drove over a bridge that reminded me of DC, and crossed onto a bridge known for its hauntings. Later, we dipped into a cozy, hobbit-esque coffeeshop, but not until we’d Cloroxed the table. Hunger drove us home, then to Taco Cabana, where I got the steak tacos.


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