I wrote this shit 3 weeks ago.

What Have Scientists Learned About COVID-19 And Coronavirus By ...

Americans are being released from the Diamond Princess ship in Japan, which held hundreds of the infected. The quarantine period was 2 weeks upon arrival in the US. But if the incubation period for the coronavirus is roughly 2 weeks to 24 days, then it may be possible that the virus goes undetected until it’s completed incubation. It seems to be a versatile virus; there is a case where a woman infected her entire family, but never experienced symptoms.

My point is that there might be a false sense of security surrounding the 2 week quarantine of the 400 or so Americans who will soon be released, many of whom will likely reunite happily with family members, co-workers, children and friends. Some may have been tested negative, only for the incubation period to finish within another 7-10 days. And within those 7-10 days, they will, if not in self-isolation, probably spread it to the local burger joint workers, their best friends, their moms and dads. This is how it begins.

I hope that, similar to the SARS outbreak, that the coronavirus will be negatively affected by warmer weather, that the summer will burn out coronavirus. But I do not know. All I can infer is that paranoia is warranted, that our false sense of security may soon be stamped on, and that this is probably only the start.

And it was only the start indeed.


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