Churning Arms


My body cannot physically handle the excitement. NASA. What?

I keep forgetting and remembering it and then my arms, like, churn? Like, who knew your arms could churn from excitement? Anticipation? What? Is life? Am I dreaming?

The whole process has been so weirdly serendipitous. I don’t even know. I honestly feel like I’m in a foggy dream state. I kept trying to read between the lines of “we’re excited about you joining the team,” and it turns out they weren’t mind games.

I’m just. Like. I’m so excited! I need to process things. I need to tell my current employer, who I just had a conversation about extending today… I don’t want to ruin her weekend with abrupt news. I don’t want to leave, either….

But what an opportunity.

I was shocked my resume even went through the system, let alone led to an interview, let alone led to a really positive and fun conversation, let alone led to a job offer?

I’m in shock, but also arm-churning excitement. I can’t wait to join the team, can’t wait to get to know my mentor better.

I can’t wait.

5 thoughts on “Churning Arms

  1. Congratulations! Woahzaah, what an amazing and exciting opportunity! It’s great to join one of the most reputable organization worldwide. You could only go up and beyond from here. πŸ˜€

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