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This blog, since its inception in 2016, has since evolved from a bloated poetic mess to a bloated journalific mess. For the past hour, I went and vetted my content–all 20 pages of it. I removed unnecessary posts–ones where I didn’t seem to be saying anything at all–and potentially private posts, even if they may not have seemed it at the time.

Although I’m not under the illusion that anything is ever deleted off the Internet. That’s not it. It’s like being a shopkeeper who dusts up the display and changes up the options every now and then. I can remove old items, but I’ll know that someone may have still seen it at some point in time. And that’s okay. I tidy up my blog for cohesion and concision

So. Looking ahead. Over the past year, I have been sitting on large amounts of film photography. I plan to share those in batches. I will dedicate a day out of every week–Film Fridays–to posting 35mm. Ever since September 2019, I’ve been developing my film at home. It’s been an  wild ride since COVID. Chemicals are finicky. But who knew that the film photography class, which I picked up after dropping biology, would teach me skills that I’d use to this day?

I’ve also starting to archive my art sketchbooks. I used to only photograph the best pieces. But around a few weeks ago, I decided to save all of them. Converting art into digital stills. Touching them up. Accepting ugly sketches for all their ugliness. Those will be… Sketchbook Saturdays. 

And I plan to wrap up my daily journal entries on here. Move and delete those Everything spirals into bloatedness. It might be better to stick to what I usually do–posting highlights, lowlights, moments.


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