On the couch, curled up with a soft grey blanket. Listening to Christmas tunes on the radio. Watching my guinea pigs munch on hay in the living room. I bring them out to run and they’re just lying there, chomping on hay. I guess I can’t blame them. They are my sweet little pigs. I’ve … More Mulled



We all have shadows. There is a lot of emphasis on light and on lifting yourself up. But in doing so, I think that something is lost. The parts that make us human. The anger, unhappiness, quirks, ticks, schadenfreude, envy, dishonesty, vengefulness, deception, cowardliness, fear… Having the strength to face and address these less-than-savory parts … More Shadows


Le beau surprise-ordered me an iPad!!!!!! He cruised on over two days ago just as the Amazon truck was pulling up. We have had regular deliveries since the onset of the pandemic, so I didn’t pay it much mind. “Hey, looks like you have a box addressed to you.” I raised my eyebrows. For me? … More Surpr—iPad!