Last Week at NASA

Symbols of NASA | NASANext week is my last week at NASA. I start the new job in two weeks, one day after my last final of the semester. Following this year will be my last semester of graduate school. And then I’ll have my Master’s degree in Psychology, my love of a profession. As I flip through the final pages of education, I embark on a new page. Professionally and personally.

It’s a lot to contemplate in one sitting, so I haven’t. I was on the phone with my boss, supervisor, mentor – the title escapes me. We usually carve out this hour of each week to talk about our lives, our families, our work. I’ll ask questions about our field, about my work, and he’ll offer sound advice and kind words. Choosing the other offer over NASA was difficult because of the people. Maybe I’m just sentimental. But the new world we live in, one in which we’ve never met the people whom we form connections in, it’s an interesting one. I felt torn because of the work, but also the people with whom I was doing the work with. And of course, it wasn’t all fairies and daisies, but it usually never is.

Another bright twinkle in my hemisphere is that my drawing prompts took off! They were “liked” over 350 times, an subreddit community was formed around my drawing challenge, and it already has over 100 members. My heart swells as I scroll through people’s art every day. I had declared to le beau a few weeks ago that I hoped for the art challenge to go viral. He chuckled and read over them and we fixed them together. And although the challenge didn’t hit on all platforms, it hit on the one that would mean the most to me. I’m a Reddit moderator!

Finally, I am reading The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna. I’m growing to love it. That’s a lie. I loved it the moment I began to read it. It reeks deliciously of Middlesex. I feel so fond of the Italian American immigrant experiences being described. I marry the mental images of Greece in Middlesex, Italy in Stella Fortuna. Silkworms, wood huts, spatulas, spaghetti aglio e olio. It is so oddly comforting. Even though I checked out 6 books, I’ve been nursing this one for weeks, hoping it won’t end.


7 thoughts on “Last Week at NASA

    1. This makes me want to reread it. It’s just so… beautiful and intense– I’m afraid, haha.

      And thank you! Yes, it is full-time but starting soon, before graduation. So I’ll be juggling school and work. 🙂

      Thank you for the read!


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