At first, I figured this iPad was mostly and only good for the procreate painting app. Over the past week, I feel like I’ve unlocked drawing heaven: I have an app to doodle in, an app to sketch in, an app to jot dreams in. It’s like having a million digital notebooks all stored in … More Doodles


It appears that I’ve been blogging. I haven’t. I haven’t touched this platform in about a month. But sometime in early September, I decided I would schedule out my film posts. At the time, I thought December was far out – February would take a long time to get here. And now here we are, … More Drift


Rewording our memories, we stamped through the snow. He lifted me in mid-air, swung me around. We spent these days shirking responsibilities to traverse the ice and snow instead, munching on takeout hibachi chicken and stepping tentatively on the lake. We danced and made snowmen and kicked up flutes of snow as the rest of … More Snow