At first, I figured this iPad was mostly and only good for the procreate painting app.

Over the past week, I feel like I’ve unlocked drawing heaven: I have an app to doodle in, an app to sketch in, an app to jot dreams in. It’s like having a million digital notebooks all stored in one place. It’s glorious.

It’s funny: in school, teachers assumed I wasn’t paying attention because I was drawing. But drawing is one of the only ways I can focus: otherwise, I zone out.

Been feeling pretty small and quiet in presence lately. Turning inwards a lot. Drawing, reading, taking pictures. I should share those on here more often, but I’ve been forgetting…


2 thoughts on “Doodles

  1. You are lucky you can draw, paint…I tried and failed so miserably. Sure, I don’t have to be good at everything, but it would be a nice addition to hobbies.
    iPad is an incredible tool for a myriad of things, and source of entertainment.

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