Like wells

I often think of that quote by Haruki Murakami. I might be quoting it wrong. I mean. I know I am. I made it ineloquent. But this is how it reads in my head, words running over the grooves of my mind–

People are like wells. You will never know what’s at the bottom. Only what comes floating to the top.

We are all multifaceted complex individuals. In the well of identities, different leaves and sediment appear at the surface. People peer in, content that the water is the same. This is who they know. But they will never truly see or understand everything at the bottom.

I note this with a little bit of sadness. Yet it’s not a new concept. I’m not shaken to my core by it. But it’s a bit sad, albeit true. That we may never fully know one another, and that others may never fully know you.


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