It’s peaceful outside. Crickets are chirping. Or cicadas. Early calls of Spring. The sun has set.

There’s the familiar sense of impermanence. I felt it acutely several years ago, though the scale of this impermanence is much less. I’m not going far at all. I know it will be the start of a new chapter.

I’ll be graduating with my Master’s in about a month. Moving out soon. Continuing with my first real job. I am, slowly but surely, adulting.

Last night, I had a dream we were by a large ocean. A beach. And the three of us were meandering through. Maneuvering through groups. There was a red jacket I left somewhere. I remember how expansive the ocean seemed. We were all old friends.


One thought on “Impermanence

  1. I recently spent a beach weekend with some friends, and I remember thinking much the same thing about the ocean’s vastness as I stood there at the water’s edge. Also, yay for adulting! You smash those goals, girl!


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