As I laid there, pretending to sleep, I realized that the best decisions of my life were all impulsive. Done on a whim. A day before, I would never have imagined that I’d do what I did, but I did. Without any planning. Without any rational. And yet it’d shape up to be one of the happiest things I’d ever done.

And as I realized that, it dawned on me that maybe we should just bite the bullet. Drive hundreds of miles to see and experience the things we’ve always wanted to. I want to get away. He wants to drive. I have time off. He has time to spare. We could do it tomorrow. Day after. So why not?

June 2021


One thought on “Whim

  1. You know, that’s a great point. I think the more we think about things at times, the more stressful we make it become. If we do things on a whim, it takes that thinking away (which causes fear) and it can help push us to do what we want to that we were initially afraid of. You said it beautifully here and you got me thinking how I can apply this to my own life. Thank you. 🙂

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