And This Was How

-deep narrator voice- The two found themselves, for the third time in a month, on a road trip. At 8:38 PM. Were they crazy? Maybe a little bit. Maybe a lot bit. But they were happy. And that’s all that mattered.

Fourth of July Weekend

There are more sparklers, quiet starts, sputters and spins than full blown fireworks. The most exciting one is the giant sno-cone styled one that L chose. It shoots off for a solid minute, pauses, spits more sparks, stops, fountain of light. We don’t trust it when it stops going off. A runs over to pour beer into it. … More Fourth of July Weekend


Daily Blog #474 : Of writing and telling people too much

I suppose in the end it’s a desperate struggle to make room for yourself in this world, by leaving behind stories, hoping they’ll suffice and be able to construct a near perfect image of our souls. A carbon dating for the experiences we’ll have buried. It’s terrifying, the yawning void. I used to be scared … More Daily Blog #474 : Of writing and telling people too much