Sketchbook Tour: Faces & Figures

Figments from my figure drawing sketchbook. Five years ago, wanting to draw more from life, I, totally not creepy at all, started sketching people and figures around me. This included professors and students and strangers; some references were from the Internet, while others were people sitting directly across from me, probably trying to figure out why I kept staring at them. (Drawing you, Kristian, thanks for being my unwitting muse.)

I started my sketchbook in early 2016; I drew and drew and drew until mid 2018.

In the start, I tried not to let the shittiness of the drawings deter me, but to motivate me instead. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t give up. I’m proud of the progress I made, even if I eventually stopped figure drawing altogether. Years later, as I flip through the book, watch the stick figures yawn and grow, I watch the ugliness of lines morph into something  dynamic and  palpable.

 The first page (2016) of my sketchbook vs. the last (2018)


5 thoughts on “Sketchbook Tour: Faces & Figures

  1. looking through these oldest to latest gave me warm fuzzy feelings and memories of my own art journey :o). really fantastic improvement in just 2 or so years! I can see the growing understatement of the human anatomy and the growing movement and dept with the studies, loved looking at these!!

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    1. this comment meant so much to me marchy! i was inspired by your amazing sketchbook tours when i made this post – thank you for the encouragement and inspiration ✨

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  2. This is so, so cool!!! 🙂 Were you using any books or videos to learn more and improve your technique, or was it just practice-practice-practice?

    Also, what’s the context behind “station domination” if you remember it? 😛

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    1. Hey Grigory!!! Thanks so much! I think I was mostly practicing through observation… practice-practice-practice 🙂 I think the quotes, like “station domination” (lol) were snippets from university – lots of interesting and intelligent people/conversations there


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