Plantonic Love

Normally, Valentine’s is a day reserved for romantic love. This Valentine’s, I felt plantonic love. 

Meet Mingyung. 


She’s a yung Ming Aralia. Her botanical name is Polyscias Fruticosa. She can grow over 6 feet. She’s an evergreen shrub. She has long legs, big hair, and, most importantly, big potential. For love. 

We entered the plant shop looking for roses for our mothers. We left with Mingyung. (Edit: originally Mingyoung.) After a few excited looks at her, tucked in the backseat, beaming under a ray of sunlight, we promptly decided to keep her. We bought bouquets of roses elsewhere.


I’ve never raised a plant before. Never felt inclined to, either, until I met Mingyung. Maybe it’s because she looks like a Harry Potter mandrake, screaming baby plants with healing abilities. Maybe it’s because she looks like a baobab, giant plants that live on The Little Prince’s planet. Maybe it’s because she looks like Groot with hair.

Either way, I’m in plantonic love. If all goes well, we may go back to find her a friend. Another Aralia. Name her Iggy. Iggy Aralia and Mingyung, two Ming Aralias. For now, I’ll focus on Mingyung.


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