Mountain Time | Photo Diary

As we drove through the sleepy mountain town, it was hard to believe that any of it was real. The rushing creek. The icy peaks. The lakes, half frozen. I admired the skylines, jagged with mountain range. We appreciated the town’s rockin’ taste in music through their local station – join us in listening to … More Mountain Time | Photo Diary


Rocky Road

But there were also fields, and trails, and bike paths. We showed up in the morning, when only pedestrians were allowed, so we wandered through the park until noon. Eager to avoid crowds, we detoured onto a less-traveled path and admired the mountains. … More Rocky Road

Crossing State Lines

Road trip! Road trip! The other day I counted: this would be our 7th road trip this past year. Our destination (again): the mountains. Viet coffee in one hand and PTO in the other, we spent the whole day driving, breaking, and pushing across state lines. We listened to indie vibes. Hoppy classics. We sailed through … More Crossing State Lines