Crossing State Lines


Road trip! Road trip! The other day I counted: this would be our 7th road trip this past year. Our destination (again): the mountains.

Viet coffee in one hand and PTO in the other, we spent the whole day driving, breaking, and pushing across state lines. We listened to indie vibes. Hoppy classics. We sailed through country roads. Fought wild winds, gusting 35 mph. We took brief, but frequent, breaks, peppered with jerky and candy and crackers. For lunch, we ate banh mi’s on the side of the highway. Somebody honked.

After skirting through states, determined but giddy, we arrived at our destination. After all the tumbleweed and abandoned towns and endless country lanes, we were here. From a distance, we could see icy mountain peaks. We puttered up the mountain, hearts rising in tandem. Sun broke through the clouds. As if on cue, “Here Comes the Sun” played, followed by “Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright.”

April 29th, 2022


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