Halfway Thru Twenty Two


And just like that, 2022 is halfway over. 183 days in. In retrospect, it’s been 6 months filled with milestones and transitions, from moving into a house to completing military service to starting new jobs.

During the first half, we celebrated our five year. Some mutual friends don’t know we’re dating, which, given the everywhereness of social media, is kind of funny. (Our annual public exchange of “Hope you’re doing well! Let’s catch up sometime.” on LinkedIn probably doesn’t help.) I would say more, but I document our memories here a-plenty, so I won’t get sappy. I will say, however, that I am happy to be experiencing life with my BFFFFFF, and am grateful for the time that we have together.

We also moved into a house! I was relieved to be out of our first apartment.  Le beau felt bittersweet as we left. I did not. He had the good neighbors on his side: the most you could hear was a faint snoring in the AM. I will always remember the plumes of weed drifting into my bathroom, the violent outbursts at 4 AM. Moving into a house has been wonderful. There are no sounds, aside from chirpy birds. There are no smells, aside from cooking dinner. There are kind, middle aged neighbors, who make small talk, offer to trim our lawn, and watch our open garage when we leave for vacation.

In April, the move-out dust had settled. The wood staining obsession had faded. The home was fully furnished, thanks to a nearby thrift store we visited every day. We wanted to be on the open road. So we took two road trips – one in early April, and one in early May. The first trip was to see my best friend. The second trip was to venture into the mountains. For each trip, we spent a week working from home, exploring the area, and relaxing. (I documented and categorized my road trip entries here.)

One of the most significant transitions, for both of us, had been professional. I started off 2022 with one objective: to find a new job. The Great Resignation was sweeping the nation, and I was all about it. I despised my boss, who I secretly suspected was a narcissistic micromanaging megalomaniac with deep-rooted insecurities that manifested as control issues in the workplace. Oddly specific, I know. There were various red flags, too, planted by the organization. Three months into the job, I announced to my family that one day, our entire team would be found out and promptly fired.

On the same day I wrote my resignation letter, I was informed that the entire team had been found out and promptly fired. Lucky for me, my resignation letter had sat pretty in drafts, meaning I would leave with bonus, severance, and benefits. If I had left on my own accord, and resigned before the layoff, I would have walked away empty-handed. Mentally, I had already been done with the job, ignoring 9 missed calls from my boss that day. When he called, I tried my best to seem sad. I ended my call with HR for interviews with other companies.

Date synchronicities with work continued. On the day I was officially removed from the old job, I signed an offer with the new job. On the day I received severance from the old job, I started work at the new job. I received a significant improvement in salary, title, organization, and management. Nowadays, I am happy. My stress levels have dipped. My rage has subsided. I like my boss, our projects, the tasks, the team, and, most importantly, the autonomy. I never spoke to the narcissistic micromanaging megalomaniac boss ever again.

Le beau’s milestones were less dramatic, but monumental. He completed his military service, which, for privacy purposes, I never mentioned on here. After various deployments, some cool and others absurd, we were ecstatic for him to be out. Encouraged by my job hunting experience, he quit his job to start a new one. He, too, experienced an improvement in salary, title, organization and management. As we settled into jobs we enjoyed, both work-from-home, we felt an uptick in motivation and happiness. This spilled into our personal lives.

Looking ahead at the second half of 2022, I have no particular goals or objectives in mind. Rather, they are general hopes. That we can maintain our physical and psychological health. That we can have good diets, cut down on sugar, and exercise more. Le beau promised that, if I rowed 5 miles on the rowing machine, he would take us rowing, for real, on a road trip. I also have a hankering for yet another road trip. Something grander this time. Maybe a monthlong road trip across the American West. Take advantage of extensive PTO and WFH. Experience nature.

Everything is temporary, and nothing is guaranteed, so I want to eek out as much happiness as humanly possible. Even amidst seemingly constant turmoil and endlessly depressing news. Here’s hoping that 2022 has good things in store.

One thought on “Halfway Thru Twenty Two

  1. I am glad you found a job that made you happy. Working when you are miserable is no fun. Sounds like things are going up hill. Blessings to you and your partner. Sounds like God’s been good to you. ❤️


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