A Bug’s Life

We went to the plant section of the home improvement store. I always insist that plants have a vibe. A pleasant presence. Sort of warm, you know? Like honey. A dancey song from the 80’s came on, and we started dancing in the aisles. I looked for peonies, my mother’s favorite. I felt like I was at a plant party.

Nature is always dancing, it seems. Everything in nature is always moving. Or whistling. Ripples in oceans, leaves in rain. Does a butterfly ever sit still? Even mountains move. They grow up to 2 inches a year. I learned that mountains form through destruction. When two plates collide, like car roofs in a head-on collision, the surfaces tent up.

In the mountains, I was having severe perspective issues. I couldn’t stop talking about insects and bacteria. Surrounded by rocks and mountains, I felt small. Bacteria small – like I was staph crawling giant’s flesh. Ant small – like I was marching up Silver Canoe Drive to feed the queen. I kept thinking of how, maybe, to aphid and ants, this is what their teeny, tiny world looks like.

A pebble to us: a paradise to them! A puddle to us: a lake retreat for them! Maybe flesh wounds and ladybug shells are gorgeous entire worlds that microorganisms inhabit. Where they share a sense of awe. Where they take vacation with their family or significant others, like us.

4 thoughts on “A Bug’s Life

  1. nature is always dancing indeed! I love all your insights on this. something I love to do when I can’t fully immerse myself in the great outdoors is just lie down in my backyard and look up at the clouds as they inch by, then at the plants and trees nearby swaying in the wind. the grass itself seems very alive too. nothing is static.

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  2. Nature is always dancing!!!! I LOVE THAT!!! I would have been dancing right with you. I have learned so much about plants and gardening and it has changed my life. Great post!


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