Into the City

We spent several hours on the road, stuffed with jammy kolaches and Vampire Weekend. They are my road trip go-to band, both nostalgic and summery.

One of the first songs I played was A-Punk. I had always thought the lyrics to A-Punk were: Do you want to go slowly / into the city? And I had always thought it kind of intimate and friendly. Like yes, Ezra, lead singer of Vampire Weekend, I would love to be stuck in traffic with you, now could you sing me a song?

It turns out the lyrics are: Johanna drove slowly / into the city. In fact, the entire song is a third person narration of a girl named Johanna who has stolen a ring from a dead man, thus rendering her A Punk. The song was not some jammy invitation to wait idly in traffic. And I realized this as we drove slowly / into the city, which was clogged like a girls’ shower drain at summer camp.

For a moment, I was disappointed. But then I remembered we were going on a road trip. My spirits lifted. I forgot about Johanna.



Category: Trips

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