Hot Summer Nights, Mid-July

In June, le beau gifted me the Fujifilm X-E3. Long story short, I discovered a Fujifilm-dedicated blog, scampered down the rabbit hole, and decided the camera was everything I’d ever dreamed of. Next thing you know, le beau’s ordered it! 🥺 I ended up getting the pancake lens shortly afterwards.

Like bad CPR, Fujifilm has huffed a new love for photography into my lungs. Which, after several years of camera indifference, has been refreshing and thrilling and invigorating. I carry the camera around everywhere. The camera is nimble but secure, vintage-esque but modern. It takes beautiful photos that mimic film.

The photos below capture The Everyday from July, a pleasant but forgettable month. The Lana Del Rey title reference is a cheeky one, because July was truly hot as hell. We found squirrels splayed on the fence, desperately trying to cool off. To combat the heat, I spent time outdoors. Masochistic? Maybe. But after a while, the only way to beat the oppressive heat was to accept it. So I slathered on sunscreen. I sat outside. I read my books. I believe I melted a bar of soap one day for no other reason than resigned pleasure. Our air conditioner sputtered for three weeks, unable to lower past 82. It finally broke.

Fortunately, the heat wave is past us. The rain graces us. The air conditioner’s on and better than ever. A giant thanks to my gracious and brilliant parents, familiar with the mysterious workings of AC, alongside a billion other useful things in life.


5 thoughts on “Hot Summer Nights, Mid-July

  1. All photographers need to hit the ‘refresh’ button at times. I’m a full time wildlife photographer. Many subjects with claws and teeth, still a change is needed once in a while. In some cases new types of gear fir the bill, others change subjects, or even styles. The Fuji with film filters is a great choice for this. Have fun.


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