Solo Date to the Art Museum

Lately, I have been thinking of museums, from one coast to the other: The Broad in Los Angeles, The Museum of Natural History in New York. I forget if The Broad was free – I do, however, remember trekking up several blocks to witness the Sacred Grounds of Contemporary Art. On the other hand, my most vivid memory of the Museum of Natural History was the taxidermy and floating whale, which my friends found me staring at after I had gotten lost and drifted from the group.

Our local museums are not nearly as grand, but I still like to visit. Every few months, I take myself out on a solo date to the art museum. I have always disliked going to museums with people: my brain is incapable of paying attention to both people and exhibits. It’s in the same pet peeve camp of “eating and talking at the same time.” I never quite understood the stigma of eating by oneself, and found it annoying to maintain a conversation while chewing. (Dinner dates never went well.) As a result, I relish in small solo outings like this. 

Like human dates, solo dates require mild planning. Normally I wake up bright and early, hunt down city parking, and hope to god I don’t get ticketed. On this day, the weather was warm and muggy. I drifted from one exhibit to another, skimming the descriptions and studying the art. Although I normally prefer 2D over 3D, I gravitated towards statues, carvings, and vessels. They made for more interesting photo subjects, too.Before leaving, I stepped outside to admire the garden sculptures.

On the way back, I drove past mansions, gawking at some and reeling at others. One of the houses was newly reconstructed. It was horrifically modern. The pillars looked square and stickered; the exterior was boxy and grey. At 10 million dollars, the original house had been classically designed – crescent windows and rounded hedges and white pillars. Now, in a sea of stucco, stone and brick, the renovated house looked severely out of place. But then again, maybe that’s how people in The Fountainhead felt about Howard Roark’s architecture.

Below are photos I took on my outing.


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