Reeling at The Rijksmuseum

At Museum Square, we ate burgers and drank hot cocoa and people-watched. Children played tag. Dogs roamed free. A man played jazzy saxophone, which drifted across the square.

Encircled by three major art museums, Museumplein was the perfect place to grab lunch before returning to the Rijksmuseum.

The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of the Netherlands dedicated to Dutch arts and history and is located in Amsterdam. The museum has on display 8,000 objects of art and history, from their total collection of 1 million objects from the years 1200–2000, among which are some masterpieces by Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer.”


I wish I could say that I enjoyed the Rijksmuseum, but I didn’t. Not because it wasn’t a robust museum – it was, boasting art across the centuries. I had difficulty enjoying it because it boasted art across the centuries. I was overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and quality of the exhibits.

At four stories high, the Rijksmuseum featured sculptures and portraits and landscapes. It had environments and dollhouses and swords. It showed instruments and films and statues. There was art featured across time periods – geographies – genres – mediums. My head spun. I suddenly remembered, with alarming clarity, why I had dropped Art History my freshman year of college.

Fortunately, le beau enjoyed the Rijksmuseum. He read most of the panels, relaying interesting tidbits of information. I was on the dramatic verge of fainting.

When we (finally) left, the sun had set. We ate street paninis before walking back to the hotel.

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