Inktober 2021

Tomorrow is the first day of October, which means… it’s finally Inktober! Inktober is a hallowed project in the month of Halloween, as doodlers and artists draw one ink piece a day. Based on this year’s prompts, I’ll be sharing one horror-themed drawing every single day. Over the years, I’ve watched artists join the challenge, … More Inktober 2021

October Diaries

October 14th, 2021 I am the type of person who will vocalize to any and everybody that I have pet rodents. In this case, guinea pigs. The setting doesn’t matter. The audience doesn’t matter. High school math class? Rodents. English college course? Rodents. Best friends? Rodents. Co-workers? Rodents. Strangers on a bench? Rodents. Vice presidents … More October Diaries

21 Books In ’21

Here are the books I’ve read in 2021 – a visual log, sort of like my 100 Books Reading Project, which I sloughed away at for two years before finally completing. My new goal is to read – at least – 21 books in 2021. This past year, I’ve mostly been reading fiction. (Although I … More 21 Books In ’21

Like Fish in Water

Lately, we’ve been on the same wavelength in slightly eerie, but mostly sweet, ways. Like how he’ll dream of a specific situation that I wake up in the morning drawn to. Or how we’ll both blurt out “thanks for cleaning the apartment” and “thank you for putting your stuff up” at the same time. Or … More Like Fish in Water

Déjà Vu

Le beau took me to the unpaved trail by the lake. When our bikes hit the loose gravel, I was reminded of the time we went off-roading in Colorado. On the trail, my legs burned. It was up, up, up, and then down. And then back up. We then turned back around, where I felt … More Déjà Vu


We’re all the same type of people, loners who love and lone together, and there is no other relationship more fulfilling than knowing that you’re someone else’s person (not even in a romantic context) and they’re yours. … More Stream