Decade of Digital Photography | 2o1o – 2o13 pt. I

Ever since I was little, I’ve captured tidbits and moments of my life on camera. This eventually snowballed into a love for photography, a (now-defunct) photography business, and, most recently, developing film at home. In an effort to organize old photos floating around the Internet – and my hard drive – I’ve started a project … More Decade of Digital Photography | 2o1o – 2o13 pt. I

Fog [Film Friday]

City stops, breaths. Low hum. Dreary skies. All of my diary entries from this time period were angry, irritable. Annoyance weaved itself in every sentence. I wrote about my day. I wrote about going to Barnes and Nobles. I wrote about drinking tea. I wrote about wanting to people watch at the mall. I could … More Fog [Film Friday]


“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Accidental Date

In the evening, we visited the bar x bookstore x coffeeshop with the fat bright bulbs in the back and edgy writer Meetups behind us. This was an accidental-date. Hours earlier in the grocery line, I had remarked that I was officially tired of dates, having gone to a fancy French restaurant three days ago. Despite … More Accidental Date

Fujifilm 35mm

Every year, I get like this–obsessed with disposable cameras and film. My eyes drink up the beauty of film: the broken colors, the candied smiles, the light grain. I’m frugal, and every photo’s 66 cents, at least, compared to the freedom of shooting digital. So I cringe when a photo turns out dark or overexposed. … More Fujifilm 35mm

Pause, Rewind

“I wish I could pause time and moments like this without having to think about what’s next.” Pause. The sun set. We were quiet. It felt like the moment when my friends and I were in Central Park, New York. We’d found a pond with ducks and turtles facing a castle in in the distance. … More Pause, Rewind