I was driving home from the library

when I suddenly thought of my Dad. I was thinking about my Dad when he was young in the 80’s and stylin’. I was thinking of how he taught me every Math concept I know – Math is my kryptonite – with the patience of an angel. I was thinking of how he participated in … More I was driving home from the library


Carpe Diem and All That

This is how we live. Day to day. In the present. Carpe diem and all that. I used to live in the future, I used to plan my life, and then I got there, and I was like, you know what? This is underwhelming. I spent so much time fixated on the destination that I entirely forgot about the journey. I listened to a song waiting for it to end, and when it ended, it was quiet, and I was like, goddamn. In a similar vein, I can’t look to what other people are doing, feeling, or saying, and I can’t treat life like a song that I’m waiting to end. … More Carpe Diem and All That

Book Log

2022 Here is a list of books that I’ve read over the past two years. It’s been a while since I’ve updated this post, but it looks like I’ve read 22 books in 2022! Thanks, Goodreads. I eventually began updating my abandoned Goodreads account for convenience. It helps me keep track of books on a … More Book Log

Dead by Daylight

Our latest obsession: Dead by Daylight. We started playing in mid-September. Now it’s become a ritual. While le beau plays on PC, I play on PS5. Our characters materialize into the shared lobby – I prefer Claudette, he prefers Dwight. For the next few hours, we enter the dark, bloody terrain of DBD. For those … More Dead by Daylight

The Horror

It’s spooky season. And we know what that means…. horror movies! Ever since I was a small child, I have loved the creepy world of creatures: monsters ghosts, witches, zombies, vampires, the like. I have pored over paranormal tales, and still do. I have toured countless haunted houses, a child menace – “他摸你,你摸他,” my mom … More The Horror

Move Along

The sunset is violently pretty: pinks and purples flecked with gold. The heaviness has worn off. In its place is something light and bittersweet. After you’ve held onto something for so long, something so heavy – hatred and bitterness and resentment – is this how it dissolves? Suddenly, then all at once, a sea of memories, cotton candy dunked in water? … More Move Along

Awaken, the Lu!

This new Fujifilm camera, which I learned about recently, is something I’ve been sleeping on. If it weren’t for a bored, lazy summer day, when I suddenly searched up Fujifilm blogs on Wordpress, and found a site of film emulation recipes, I would still be fast asleep. I have awoken. Like Donald Glover’s album. Awaken, the Lu!  … More Awaken, the Lu!

A Bug’s Life

We went to the plant section of the home improvement store. I always insist that plants have a vibe. A pleasant presence. Sort of warm, you know? Like honey. A dancey song from the 80’s came on, and we started dancing in the aisles. I looked for peonies, my mother’s favorite. I felt like I … More A Bug’s Life

Dreaming Reality

Dreams are interesting. And strange. A few nights ago, I dreamt of someone whom I haven’t spoken to in nearly 10 years. The dream was vivid. We were on the phone. I haven’t thought of this person in a while. We were mostly Internet friends who Facebook chatted aggressively in 2012 while ignoring each other … More Dreaming Reality

Escapril 2022

This year, I’m participating in Escapril! Since April is National Poetry Month, Escapril is a set of daily poem prompts. It’s been a minute since I’ve written prose or poetry, but I thought it’d be fun. In retrospect, April was an okay month. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t repeat it, but I also … More Escapril 2022