Summertime Sadness [35mm Film]

Here is the church and here is the steeple. We sure are cute for two ugly people. This photo reminds me of the song, Anyone Else But You, a song by the Moldy Peaches. At 13, we would sit on the concrete steps and sing this tune from Juno, a movie about teen pregnancy, featuring … More Summertime Sadness [35mm Film]


Déjà Vu

Le beau took me to the unpaved trail by the lake. When our bikes hit the loose gravel, I was reminded of the time we went off-roading in Colorado. On the trail, my legs burned. It was up, up, up, and then down. And then back up. We then turned back around, where I felt … More Déjà Vu

Sunny Winter

It’s nice having a circle of graduate school friends who are in similar places in life. We commiserate, complain, and share with each other. It’s comforting. I used to be wary of groups, particularly groups of girls, because I’d been in a catty one in late high school. But in retrospect, that group wasn’t really … More Sunny Winter


The past Thanksgiving week with le beau has been well-spent. I turned in whatever I had the day before our last day, not really caring if I got 0’s or 100’s or 50’s, and then skipped the next day of class to begin my break early. I went shopping, rested, hung out with my boyfriend, … More Upshore


The cool kids glowed. I remember pulling out of the school parking lot, turning to see the light they cast onto the muddy field. The girls, the boys, so irresistibly cool. Makeup, lemonade, drugs, minds oh-so-so precocious. You smart aleck; you soon-to-be teen mom. How could we have known? Youth gripped us hard. How could you … More Middle


This most recent obsession with film has increased in intensity. A part of me is happy to see that film is making a comeback. Gigi Hadid, of all people, made a disposable camera Instagram. Film has become vogue, stylish, fun. The disposable, once looked upon as child’s plastic, is the hipster adult’s party item. It’s … More Film