Like Fish in Water

Lately, we’ve been on the same wavelength in slightly eerie, but mostly sweet, ways. Like how he’ll dream of a specific situation that I wake up in the morning drawn to. Or how we’ll both blurt out “thanks for cleaning the apartment” and “thank you for putting your stuff up” at the same time. Or … More Like Fish in Water


We’re all the same type of people, loners who love and lone together, and there is no other relationship more fulfilling than knowing that you’re someone else’s person (not even in a romantic context) and they’re yours. … More Stream

Train Station

In a half awake haze, I saw myself sitting at a train station. It looked like the train station on 34st. I was sitting on the train bench outside, waiting for the train to arrive. Waiting and waiting. So I waited and waited and waited and waited. At some point, though, I realized that the … More Train Station


As I laid there, pretending to sleep, I realized that the best decisions of my life were all impulsive. Done on a whim. A day before, I would never have imagined that I’d do what I did, but I did. Without any planning. Without any rational. And yet it’d shape up to be one of … More Whim

Half Price

There are twelve (!!!) shelves dedicated to interior design? My god. Be still my beating heart. Found a corner of the bookstore with two chairs and moved one of them so nobody would sit next to me. Now I can flip through art and film and interior design books in peace. I am so fucking … More Half Price


I’m like a small crying cherub filled with helium always on the verge of flying into the clouds and as if I’m on a string le beau will pull me down and remind me to be here with me now

Saturday with Alex

In the morning, we took the scenic route, passing by millionaire’s row on the way to get Venezuelan. We gawked at the houses, craned our necks to better see the soccer fields, villas, six car garages. We stopped by the wine store. Before he arrived, I figured he’d express indifference to what we did (“That’s … More Saturday with Alex


If I don’t write I might explode So I’m here to say that I’m writing and I haven’t exploded and I made my first happy acrylic pour this afternoon. I’ve been feeling a bit manic about art, this time, canvas paintings, acrylic pours. I’ve tried for years to do abstract art well but failed. I … More Trouble


Wanting to do many creative things all at once. Share film. Shoot film. Develop film. Sort photography. Share photography. Make photography. Produce art. Sketch in book. Draw on iPad. Countless things I want to do, and then not doing any. Or maybe one of the ten things, but haphazardly. Slowly eeking out photos from over … More Quirky

Libby App

For all the iPad owners out there who like to read, there’s an excellent app called Libby. With Libby, you can find your local library, sign in with your card, and digitally loan books. It sounds like a regular book download. But here are the parts I love: you can sample tons and tons of … More Libby App

City and Colour

I wish I could do better by you ‘Cause that’s what you deserve You sacrifice so much of your life In order for this to work – The Girl, City and Color