January 4th, 2017

Dancing in the Rain


In the sixth grade my friends and I were all in love with a fictional character named Stargirl, protagonist of Stargirl by J. Spinelli. She was a free spirit who wore long skirts, owned a rat and danced in the rain. In other words, Stargirl = goals.

So we danced in the rain and I owned a rodent (several, actually) and although we kept our skirts short (-bellow- “detention!”) we sought to further embody the Stargirl spirit. Our options were limited but our imaginations weren’t so we added our own little twists to it all i.e rolling down hills and sing-screaming My Chemical Romance and angrily strumming air guitar in public. We were angsty. Life was great.

Even though my adoration for Stargirl has somewhat faded, my love for rain dances has not. And when it started thunderstorming one summery day, WN and I immediately decided to go to a playground and, in Stargirl fashion, dance in the rain.